Let your Children Dream

Enchanted Forest Themed Photoshoots

When my girls were little, they had a dressing up box, and they always wanted to be princesses and fairies.

I moved my photography studio to Woodroyd Studios, and one of the first things I did was to design an ‘enchanted forest’ scene setting. It took a while to get the set looking how I wanted it too,  and now I am thrilled to finally have an environment that has a dreamy little lake, reflections, and glorious fairy wings, fireflies and butterflies.  Now I can photograph your little ones as princesses too!

At the studio, we have a selection of three fantastic fairy dress, with yards of tulle, a stunning princess dress with matching floral headbands and fabulous tiara.

When the little girls enter the studio, the look of excitement on their faces as they choose the dress is just great; their eyes light up!  Then, they see their reflection in the lake; it is just magical.  Then they are in an enchanted forest looking for fairies.

Enchanted Forest Themed PhotoshootsAfter you and your little princesses leave I begin to add the tiny sprinkling of fairy dust and the magic starts to make the picture complete.

If you would like me to create a photograph of your little princess, then get in touch. We also offer gift vouchers towards an ‘Enchanted Forest’ themed photoshoot.

– Heather Elliott     –    Give Heather a call:   07779012381



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