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Maternity Photography Details and Pricing

“I’m a Maternity photographer in Leeds area and I take great pride in delivering images that will last a lifetime of this precious time, give me a call to have a chat or arrange a consultation “

Heather xxx

maternity photos Leeds studio
maternity photos leeds
black and white maternity photos
stunning mummy to be

I was nervous about my maternity photoshoot!

Heather made me feel completely relaxed, and at ease, from the minute I walked in.

Hayley Mottram – Pregnant Mummy from Leeds 



I am an award-winning specialist maternity photographer in Leeds. My studio is in Cleckheaton, close to the M62/M606 junction, near Leeds,Bradford, Halifax, Wakefield.
A maternity photoshoot is a fabulous way to record the journey to a whole new beginning. You can get dressed up, or stay casual. You can reveal as little or as much of your bump as you feel comfortable with. Whether you are body-confident or shy, you will have a great time and will be so happy with your finished portraits.

Maternity photography Leeds



During your pregnancy, this is a time to treasure. You are carrying the miracle of new life and should embrace it. Love every minute of it; every stretch mark is a badge of honour, you’re going to be a Mum — the greatest gift of all.  Whoever heard a Mum-to-be say ‘I feel fab’, we don’t do we?  

Let me SHOW YOU how beautiful you are…

Best time to have your Maternity Photography session

Is around 30-36 weeks, just when your bump is blooming. We can take it later, but the last weeks can be more uncomfortable.  However, it’s never too early to book your session with me at my Studio in Cleckheaton close to Leeds and Bradford, as soon as you have had your 20-week scan get booked in! 

Get pampered…

Get your self a pamper session beforehand,  have your hair and nails done, we want you to feel and look really special.

Your session usually lasts around 90 minutes in the studio, which is situated just off the M62/M606 junction close to Leeds and Bradford.  I try and make the session as relaxed as possible and a bit of fun too!

Designer Maternity Photography Dresses

 I have several designer maternity dresses in various colours, alongside plain white shirts and tulle skirts or if you prefer you can  just wear your own outfit.  Plain and simple colours suit the best. Your session can include partners and siblings, just let me know in advance.  

Capture this special time with a maternity photography session, with memories never to be forgotten.  

bradford studio taking maternity photos


gorgeous mummy to be by Maternity photographer in Leeds
pregnant mum lying on tuille by Maternity photographer in Leeds
pink dress
connection between couple
stunning mummy to be
beautiful mum to be
strong woman
floating materia;
couple e maternity sessions
silhouette maternity photo
stunning lasy in red tulle dress photographed by Leeds maternity photographer
black and white maternity photoshoot leeds
strong woman in green lace dress
Princess crown in maternity photoshoot Leeds
mother to be
Bed head in white shirt by Maternity photographer in Leeds
flowing white dress by Maternity photographer in Leeds
gorgeous mummy to be in pink lacy dress maternity photoshoot Leeds
maternity image bradford studio
Leeds studio taking maternity photos
black and white maternity photo Leeds
studio photos
mum to be
chaise long portraits session
Princess crown in maternity photoshoot Leeds
strong woman  in maternity photoshoot  in Bradford
maternity photos near Bradford

Don’t forget, if you are looking to book a newborn session, look at my Red Velvet and Cupcakes Session for money off your newborn session.


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