baby and teddy in a bucketYOU CAN’T TURN THE CLOCK BACK

When I had my firstborn, Lauren, over 27 years ago, professional baby photography wasn’t around as it is today.  Now with both of my girls all grown up, one recently married, I can honestly say I would pay anything to have those images. As a Mum, I wasn’t skilled enough to take the posed images back then. So I have nothing to really show how small they were, apart from a few snaps of them in oversized baby clothes. 


Modern mobile phones have great cameras, and we have become a society of ‘in the moment’ image-makers. But what happens with those photographs? They are just stored in the cloud to look at from time to time.   With an average of only 20% of the images printed. The rest hardly viewed at all. Will they still be around for future generations to see?  Probably not.  As a photographer, I aim to not only capture memories for you but to create photographs for you to hold.


During a photoshoot I always ask to take a photograph of the parents with their little ones – sometimes I get…

“no, sorry, I don’t look good”  –   “me? I would rather not”  –  “… oh no, I can’t, I’ve put so much weight on”.

Seriously, what does it matter? The image is for you and your baby together.   A captured moment and to show them when they have grown up.  Children never say “Mum you look so tired'”or “Mum you’ve put weight on”.   They see their Mum with all the love they have for you. You won’t see the tiredness in five years when you look back on the images,  you’ll only see your baby, so tiny in your arms.  The love you have for them will be bursting out of the photograph.

I understand if you really don’t want to be in the photograph, but, I have an answer.  There is a shot I love to capture in this situation, and, it only includes your hands with your baby. sleeping little boy

Either way, it just makes my heart melt to be able to capture that moment for you.

Heather Elliott, Baby & Newborn Photographer, West Yorkshire