Cake Smashes – What’s that about?

They seem to be the ’in thing’ but where did the idea come from. Like most phases, we follow the American way – baby showers, bridal showers and now cake smashes. When I first heard about them I was dubious, just because I never taught my kids to dive into food with their hands. Now it seems the messier, the better. It felt a bit alien to an old lady like me! But I gave them a go in the studio, a few years ago and I really enjoy them. They really are a fun session to commemorate a Birthday.

Some dive right in, some dont

There are never two children alike some dive right in up to the elbows in cake and then there are dainty little ones that just gently pick. I have a local baker, at Jan’s Cupcakes, who specially creates my giant cupcakes. The designs are unique to every cake – we’ve had boats, flowers, butterflies even a panda!

To commemorate their milestone Birthday we take some images usually in a beautiful vintage style set. These are the ones that you really want to hang on your wall for years to come but then you might want the messy cake one! Once we’ve finished this set we get the cake out and get changed for the mayhem to start.

Bathtub time…

I’ve had one Mum ask me to carry their little one to the bathtub as they were literally coated head to toe in cake and icing. Wasn’t long before they were clean and sparkling in the tub. Half the bathwater on the floor, as they splashed wildly – laughing at the bubbles from our bubble machine.

It’s just a great way to celebrate

I just love to capture the three parts to my cake smash sessions, all so different but a great way to celebrate.



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