What price would you put on your memories?

Is there really an answer to this? But think about it – what price WOULD you put on your memories? Only recently I had someone tell me they couldn’t afford my session prices for a Newborn session.  Although I felt sad that I wouldn’t be able to capture their newborns first professional images.  I wished them well in finding a photographer within their price range.

I started to think what I spend my money on and how do I put a price on taking images that will last a lifetime…

  • Hair every month £15, every three 3 months £50  = £375 a year
  • Nails – every two weeks infill and new ones everymonth £ 66 = £720
  • Beautician – ussally around holiday time, pedicure, eyebrows waxing etc £100 a vist  = £300 year
  • Holidays – Let’s just say a lot! for those that know me

The list goes on. Go to MacDonalds for a snack lunch with the famiy not much change out of £30. Do you think twice about a cup of coffee from Costa at £4, no  but let’s be honest £4 for a cup of coffee! it all adds up. I suppose it really boils down to, do you value it and if you do you will buy it no matter the cost. But what price do you put on your memories?

You have one opportunity to capture THIS moment

That’s why I believe miss the opportunity and it’s gone because this moment in time will pass so quickly, they are only this small for such a short time. when we’re gone there is only images and video left. Don’t look back and think I wish I had…

On a personal note, recently have I lost my Dad and trying to find any decent images of me and him together – well let’s face it I couldn’t. All holiday snaps, BBqs in the garden, family get togethers, but nothing that I would want to enlarge and hang on my wall.  I so regret it ! I wish I had hired someone to take a beautiful image of all my family.

Let’s be honest the only answer is you can’t put a price on them but you can decide whether you have them forever.