Mental Health in a Pandemic

Mental Health in a pandemic


Like most of you this last 12 months has been the most surreal and unprecedented times we have all had to endure. The normal isn’t our ‘normal’ anymore.  It’s been a testing time for everyone, from new mums, students and homes schooling to working from home or like me having no work to do, because I’ve had to close. Mental health in the Pandemic is now a real issue.

I have to admit there have been some dark days when I’ve actually wondered what’s the point of getting out of bed.

Some people cope better than others

There is a call for help from Mental health charities to cope with the growing demands, talk of self-harming from little ones as young as 10 that should be out playing without a care in the world. From not having their friends around, to being at home with stressed parents and routines being disrupted for everyone. This time seems to be affecting everyone is one way or another.  We just need to stick together and help each other and most of be nice!

There is help out there

As a sufferer of an on going life-time battle with my own depression, I choose to seek out ways to help.  I found some fantastic information on the internet to read and raise my spirits.  One of the best sites I found was here Lots of tips and advice, many subjects from loneliness, bereavement, home schooling.

Keeping your sanity with Homeschooling

Trying to keep the kids entertained at home fulltime must be exhausting.  I try to share as many good ideas on my Facebook page about different projects  to keep them busy.  I’ve found this website  has some really great and easy projects, from the curriculum to arts and crafts. I particularly like the pop up cards that can be made  check this out  here.

Pregnant ?

Check out my blog on being pregnant in a pandemic with the useful links to national websites with up-to-date info.

We’re nearly there!

I hope like everyone we are coming out of this lockdown for good this time, but it’s going to be a long road to getting back to what life was life before, or atleast somewhere near.

Let’s keep going we’ve done so well so far. Stay safe.





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