Embrace the changes

Embrace the Changes of Pregnancy


It’s exciting and scary at all at the same time – changes that happen to your body but it time to embrace the change.

At a recent maternity session I shared a quiet moment with my Mum-to-be as she told me how sad she was feeling by the weight she had put on, and that she was getting stretch marks despite using every cream under the sun! She asked me “does everyone feel like this?” We talked about having a baby and that it is one of the most wonderful experiences a woman goes through. Like most things in life, pregnancy does have its downsides too.


I have always believed that a woman should wear her stretch marks like a badge of honour. Embrace the changes that your body goes through when you bring new life into this world.

During the maternity photoshoot, we talked about the photographs, how I would capture her. Reassuring her every step of the way and told her she would look amazing, and she will feel a million dollars when she sees the results. She did and looked stunning. She loved them. Leaving the studio after the photoshoot with a gallery of images, the lovely mum-2-be will be able to look at the pictures for many years to come. I think my moto is ‘be proud YOUR body is giving life’.  Check out this website for some Mums proud of their scars.


The whole conversation made me think about when I was having my girls. What a worrying time it can be. We relied on previous generations for advice and the odd book. Now at the click of a button, you can access so much information, from sites like netmums to handy tips from the NHS.

Life experiences for women have come a long way but we all still have the same old worries don’t we?

– Heather Elliott



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