Making my own fairy wings for a lockdown project

During the lockdown, I have been bored like most people with no business to run and not knowing when we might be back.  I’ve tried updating my website, more boredom – it doesn’t float my boat I want to take photos not updates SEO.  So, I decided to try and get creative.

Brainstorm of an idea – make fairy wings!

I started by thinking about what I wanted to do – bearing in mind I’ve never sewn anything of any value. …   Into my head popped the Fairy wings I have in the studio if you’ve seen them you will know how gorgeous they are.  Hand made in America, by a lovely lady, who now sells the patterns for them. So off I went ordering material, scissors bias, and stabilizer, not a clue what to do with most of them, but the pattern said they were needed. Not one to do things by half I bought an all-singing all-dancing sewing machine, haven’t used one since I was in school in the 1970s, I didn’t think about that! I’m raring to go but…

Not a smooth as planned…

Well to say the first day setting it up was traumatic that’s an understatement.  Let’s just say thank goodness I don’t have a swear jar I might have been going on holiday with the money!
Nearly shedding tears as I couldn’t even get a line of half a dozen straight stitches.  The instruction booklet might have been in double dutch, I was already regretting this idea. I gave up on the first day leaving it for a fresh mind on day two! I’m glad I did it worked like a dream the first time.

I know what they should look like…

So to cut the patterns out, well there’s another story. Laid them out on the floor like a jigsaw, couldn’t even work out what went with what. Bearing in mind I already have the adult version of the wings so I know what they look like but they’re in the studio 10 miles away, which doesn’t help!  Another day wasted trying to understand the patterns

I now have the machine, material, scissors, and ready to go but nothing to cut out! Finally, a fresh pair of eyes the next day, and voila! Patterns are making sense and the material and stabilizer lined up to begin.  Read and re-read the instructions before I start.

AND we’re off!

Machine bussing, Hubby moaning of the vibrations whilst he’s working on the other side of the dining table.  It doesn’t help every wing I do I stop him to say ‘Oh wow look at this’… you think I was sewing a wedding dress, such enthusiasm.  Anyway, we have one side of the wings nearly complete. Just got the wires to put in and trimming to do.


fairy wings Bradford Studio

Now I’m ready to start the other side… They might be ready for our Spring fairy sessions.


Fairies in Bradford photographic studioThese are the real wings in action – how beautiful are they!


If you would like to have a fairy session please check out this page

Please note: All the wings on the images on that page are digital